Data Acquisition Systems and GPS Lap Timers

This page lists complete motorcycle data acquisition systems, GPS lap timers that have data acquisition capability, available OEM systems and smartphone apps that can be used for lap timing and data acquisition.


Data Systems and GPS Lap Timers


2D – GPS data recording systems with ECU access and additional sensors, dashboards

AiM Sports – GPS and non-GPS data systems with ECU access and additional sensors, dashboards, video synchronization, GPS lap timers with ECU access,

Athena – GPS lap timers, data acquisition, dashboards

Kinelogix – GPS data loggers with additional sensors, dashboards and video synchronization

MoTeC – GPS and non-GPS data acquisition systems with dashboards, ECU access

MoTeC webinars on data acquisition and analysis –

QStarz – GPS lap timer, data logger and receivers

RaceLogic VBOX – GPS data loggers with video synchronization, displays

Racepak – GPS data loggers with dashboard

Race Technology – GPS data loggers with ECU access, dashboards

Starlane – GPS lap timers and dashboards with built-in data acquisition

XT Racing – GPS lap timers with external sensors


OEM Data Acquisition Systems


BMW HP Data Logger

Product page

BMW’s demo software

Ducati Data Analyzer

Yamaha Y-TRAC

YZF-R1M Mobile App User Guide


Smartphone Apps


CMS Lap Timer Pro – Smartphone app with 10hz GPS receiver, data acquisition and video synchronization

Harry’s Lap Timer – Smartphone app with video synchronization, ECU access

Race Chrono – Android GPS lap timer app

RideData – Android app with IMU integration

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