Data Acquisition Math Channels Reference

This page is a summary of useful data acquisition math channels that are referenced on Data For Motorcycles. Because every data software package deals with operators and channel names differently, you may have to make changes specific to your software. For example, some packages have a built-in derivative function that can be used, while others use a completely separate derivative channel and a second math channel must be built to accommodate the entire formula.

Channel Reference Equation
GPS Speed GPS_Speed
GPS lateral acceleration Lateral_G
GPS longitudinal acceleration Long_G
Acceleration G Accel_G max(Long_G,0)
Braking G Brake_G max(-Long_G,0)
Cornering G Corner_G abs(Lateral_G)
Total Acceleration Total_G sqrt((Lateral_G)^2+(Long_G)^2)
Trail Braking G Trail_Brake min(Corner_G, Brake_G)
Trail Acceleration G Trail_Accel min(Corner_G,Accel_G)
Delta Braking G Delta_Brake derivative(Brake_G)
Lean Angle Lean_Angle abs(atan(Lateral_G))
Roll Rate Roll_Rate abs(derivative(atan(Lateral_G)))
Total Weight Total_Weight sqrt(M^2+(M*Lateral_G)^2)
Front Weight Front_Weight 0.5*Total_Weight-0.5*Long_G*Total_Weight
Rear Weight Rear_Weight 0.5*Total_Weight+0.5*Long_G*Total_Weight
Radius Radius abs(GPS_Speed^2/Lateral_G)*0.02