Adding Sensors

Cluttered data graph with just three traces

Even with just a couple of additional channels displayed along with speed, the graph is already getting cluttered. Note how rpm follows speed to a certain extent. Tiling the graphs can make it easier to see each channel, but in later sections, we’ll show how to combine channels using math channels and X-Y plots to reduce the clutter and quickly show relevant information.

With a basic system now established, we can turn to other channels that will assist in the analysis of a rider’s and bike’s performance. There are an almost infinite number of parameters that can be measured; with limited budget, acquisition channels and analysis time, what parameters and sensors to monitor them must be wisely chosen. Typically, engine rpm and throttle position top the list, for a number of reasons. Both are relatively easy to record, as almost all motorcycles are equipped with the necessary sensors and it is simply a matter of tapping into the correct wire. Both provide information about the rider’s basic inputs. And both can assist with changing the setup of the motorcycle.