Kaz Yoshima at workDataMC.org – Data for Motorcycles – is an online resource for motorcycle data acquisition and chassis dynamics. The site provides tutorials and downloads that will help you set up your motorcycle, install and use a data acquisition system, and learn how to make rider and setup improvements based on data.

Data acquisition is increasingly important for not only improving lap times at the racetrack, but also to point to safety concerns where a crash may be imminent. The addition of GPS in most systems has added a whole new dimension to data acquisition, making it easier (and cheaper!) to obtain and analyze data as well as providing a more thorough look at the dynamics of the motorcycle and rider. Even if you do not have access to data acquisition equipment, you can take advantage of what we’ve learned over several years of data collection and analysis.

Data for Motorcycles is the brainchild of noted tuner Kaz Yoshima, former employee of Honda motor in Japan and founder of Ontario Moto Tech, a company famous for building amazingly quick Honda CB400F race bikes that routinely beat larger bikes on the track. In recent years, Yoshima has turned his attention to data acquisition and chassis tuning, and is now one of the country’s top experts on the subject. His studies are extensive and include the use of steering, suspension and GPS parameters that even factory teams do not use, culminating in the use of a unique tilting table for the GPS antenna that enhances the satellite reception and accuracy to levels normally unavailable on a motorcycle. His study of suspension dynamics had led to the design and development of various rear suspension links, offered for sale here.

Data for Motorcycles is maintained by Andrew Trevitt, a former racer and senior editor at Sport Rider and Inside Motorcycles magazines. Andrew has written a variety of articles for both magazines, covering technical and the riding aspects of motorcycles. From 2013 to 2015 he was the “electronics guy” for Jodi Christie and the Honda Canada/Accelerated Technologies team in the Canadian Superbike Series, working on suspension, traction control and all aspects of setup. Andrew is also the author of Sportbike Suspension Tuning and a co-author with Troy Bayliss on A Faster Way. More information about these books is available on our resources page.

On DataMC.org you’ll find information about setting up a basic data acquisition system for your motorcycle and analyzing the downloaded data. Subjects such as software packages, G-forces, throttle position, engine rpm and math channels are discussed, as well as more advanced topics such as analyzing GPS channels and creating more elaborate math channels. Case studies of data from different tracks, bikes and riders are presented to illustrate concepts that can benefit anyone interested in improving the performance of rider or machine. More advanced topics include the effects of weight and kinetic energy of the bike and rider, slope and camber of the racetrack, tires and aerodynamics.

Much of the information on Data for Motorcycles is based on Racepak’s G2X system and DataLink software program or Aim’s Solo and EVO 4 units and Race Studio 2 software package. However, the majority of the material applies to almost any setup. GPS-based and non-GPS-based systems are included, although the importance of the GPS data cannot be underestimated in analyzing the performance of both rider and machine.

We are updating the site constantly, adding more detailed information about handling and geometry, sensors, data channels and how analysis relates to chassis setup, rider input, and safety. Whether you have a data acquisition system or not, you can take advantage of the data we’ve collected over the past several years and improve your setup and riding skills.