Creating a lap file and sectors

Critical to any analysis software is the capability to generate an accurate track map. This allows you to pinpoint on the track where the data was recorded, making evaluation of the data easier and quicker. With some GPS-based systems, the mapping capability is accurate enough that you can visually see the rider’s line on the track and compare it lap to lap.

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Plotting data versus distance rather than time

When analyzing data you will almost always want to view it by distance rather than time. For example, looking at speed over the course of a lap based on how far around the lap the motorcycle is by distance, not time. This is not such an issue when dealing with one lap in isolation, but when comparing two or more laps it’s always best to base the graph on distance, not time.

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Types of data acquisition systems

Any data acquisition system falls into one of two categories: GPS-based or non-GPS-based. While both are capable of adding practically any number of sensors, each generates the most basic data – speed and distance from the start/finish line – very differently. Because most data is examined and compared based on where on the track the motorcycle is, it’s important to understand the difference between the two types of systems and how each determines where exactly that point is.

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Figure 1: Data from Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, with GPS speed in black. In the middle, the lateral acceleration channel is shown in red. At the bottom and in yellow, the lateral acceleration channel is modified to show all positive values for cornering.

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