Data Acquisition

Figure 2: A lap of Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, with speed (black), braking G (red), corner G (yellow) and trail braking G (blue). Note the typically triangular shapes of the trail braking G trace; the peaks should always be at a value that can be calculated from the maximum lateral acceleration (and total acceleration) typically seen.

Welcome to Data for Motorcyles’ data acquisition tutorial pages. Here you can browse our sections covering the various aspects of motorcycle data acquisition and how it is being used to understand more about how a motorcycle works. We are updating the site constantly, adding more detailed information about sensors, software, channels and how data analysis relates to chassis setup, rider input, and safety. Whether you have a data acquisition system or not, you can take advantage of the data we’ve collected over the past several years and learn how to improve your setup and riding skills.


Software and analysis

Adding sensors

G-forces and acceleration

Math Channels

GPS Data Analysis

Suspension Analysis