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Figure 1: Data from Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, with GPS speed in black. In the middle, the lateral acceleration channel is shown in red. At the bottom and in yellow, the lateral acceleration channel is modified to show all positive values for cornering.

Welcome to Data for Motorcycles, a source for information about motorcycle data acquisition, chassis development and setup optimization specific to motorcycles and motorcycle road racing.

The data acquisition section of the site contains articles explaining various aspects of motorcycle data acquisition and analysis and how it can be used to improve the setup of the motorcycle as well as improving the rider’s performance. Topics include:

In the downloads section you will find various files to help with your data analysis and chassis setup; currently there are some basic setup sheets for you to record your notes at the track, an Excel gearing chart, a rake/trail calculator and a thrust chart that can be used to find the optimum shift points based on dyno information. Our resource pages feature a catalog of useful books as well as a listing of companies providing data acquisition systems and GPS lap timers.

For more information about the DataMC.org site, check out the About Us page for details, and give us your feedback about what you would like to see!

The latest articles added to the site are below.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to DataMC.org – Data for Motorcycles

  1. Hello,
    I just found your website and want to congratulate you for all the informations and articles !!
    I also own a datalogger (brand new RaceCapture Pro) for my racebike (ZX6R), and was looking for some infos on how to give full meaning to the data.

    What sensors would you recommend for a first approach?
    I was thinking about GPS / RPM / TPS / 3 axis accelerometer and roll gyro for the first time.

    I will follow your blog with great interest and also share my experiences.
    Best regards,

  2. The Race Capture system has three-axis accelerometer and gyro already, along with GPS. From there, adding throttle position and rpm are usually the first inputs to use, then rear wheel speed. The sensors for tps and wheel speed are already there, so it’s relatively easy to setup.

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